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"American Satan" by The Relentless is now available worldwide!

1. Me Against the Devil
2. Hell is for Children
3. Let Him Burn
4. Nights in White Satin
5. We Lose Control
6. Save a Prayer
7. Cadence of My Heart
8. Personal Jesus
9. Forgive Me Mother
10. Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black)




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A young rock band, half from England and half from the US, drop out of college and move to the Sunset Strip to chase their dreams. Living in a van, their passion and talent exceed their means to survive. An enigmatic stranger sees their true potential and emotionally manipulates them during a time of weakness. Caught in the middle of a Faustian deal, their music and controversial altercations end up influencing society beyond anything this century has seen, but can they take back control of their destiny before it's too late?


From the mind of Ash Avildsen (Creator of Sumerian Records) 
AMC Independent - Theatrical Release


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Andy “Black” Biersack stars as Johnny Faust, an anonymous front-man from a small town whose clandestine decision to leave school, his family and the love of his life to move to LA to pursue his dreams quickly turns into a nightmare that he and his fellow bandmates must fight like hell to wake up from.

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The man with a plan, band manager Ricky Rollins, played by Game of Thrones’ John Bradley, is the brains of the operation that is The Relentless. He may not look the part or always walk the walk…or even talk the talk…but what Ricky has in spades is dedication and a willingness to do whatever it takes. But be careful what you wish for - when the blind is leading the blind, darkness follows close behind…

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Ben Bruce, the tour-de-force of the band ASKING ALEXANDRIA, plays Leo Donovan – a charismatic guitar hero that unites the Relentless. Never missing a beat with a catchy riff or quick comeback, Leo is the Jimmy Page to Johnny’s Robert Plant. He may be an unstoppable juggernaut on stage, but Leo wears his heart on his sleeve every step of the way. Leo’s resolve is tested when the ultimate sacrifice must be made. Suddenly the glitz and glamor of sex, drugs and rock & roll fades into blood, sweat and tears.

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Booboo Stewart, known far and wide from The Twilight Saga, Disney’s Descendants and even   X-Men, is shredder extraordinaire Vic Lakota. Vic brings much needed positivity and light to The Relentless team as he always puts the music before the temptation. He’s the voice of reason in the group, but that can only go so far if no one is listening.

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The mysterious Mr. Capricorn, played by the iconic Malcolm McDowell, is the snake in the garden – the fox in the henhouse. Mr. Capricorn preys on the band’s naivety, offering to fulfill their wildest dreams – fame, fortune and freedom.  Johnny still isn’t foolish enough to give in, until Mr. Capricorn finds a way to manipulate his emotions like he has never experienced before.


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Olivia Culpo, 2012’s Miss Universe, brings the character of Gretchen to life in AMERICAN SATAN. Gretchen is the love of Johnny’s life back in his mid-western home. Distance may make the heart grow fonder, but Gretchen is no match for the allure of the bright lights in the big city.  Gretchen may have Johnny’s heart, but it's his soul that's for sale. Can Gretchen’s innocence and love anchor Johnny back to the light?


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The legendary Denise Richards is Kat Faust, Johnny’s mother, his best friend, his motivation and his true north. Kat Faust is the cool mom you wish you had, supporting Johnny’s music career as a single mother, buying him his favorite records and keeping his morale strong.  Just don’t get too close mom, for when you dance with the devil, the devil takes the lead.

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Perception is not reality. Bill Duke, from Commando, Predator and X-Men: Last Stand, plays the ominous Gabriel. Gabriel appears when Johnny least expects him to, but listen carefully, and read between the lines – the messenger carries a magnificent warning.

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Mark Boone Junior, of Sons of Anarchy fame, plays Elias of AKKADIAN RECORDS. Elias has been around the block long enough to know that The Relentless can either be spit right back out of the Sunset Strip like so many failed musicians – or they can become a force to be reckoned with. The fate of the band is caught between two opposing sides, the light and the dark – Elias finds himself in the eye of the storm, guiding Johnny toward his true destiny…

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Jesse Sullivan lights up the screen as Lily – the final addition to the Relentless. Don’t let the bass guitar fool you – she’s the secret weapon. A little bit mysterious, a little bit dangerous; Lily keeps the guys (and girls) guessing as she fights her way through the crowd – literally and figuratively. Mothers, lock up your daughters – Lily Mayflower is out for blood.


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WWE Champion Goldberg weighs in as Hawk, the biggest, baddest tour manager brought in by Elias to bring the pain. If you see this man blocking the backstage, don’t bother bribing him if you want to live. Hawk knows the rules of the road, but most importantly, the golden rule of showbiz: the show must go on.


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Drake Bell, prolific musician and actor, stars as Damien – the guy you love to hate. This arrogant bastard is far from fiction, as Damien’s mouth writes checks his rich powerful father is happy to cash. Will Johnny and the gang fall prey to Damien’s trickster tactics, or will little Damien crash and burn?  The answer may shock you.


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